Property Managers

Hurska Insurancenter makes property managers look good while making their lives easier.

We believe that property managers deserve more. That’s why Hruska Insurancenter offers early and aggressive renewals, more carrier options and choices and claims handled until their resolved. We also offer value-added services, such as free insurance seminars and our informative Condo/Townhome Insurance Guide, that you can offer while we do all the work.

Here’s what our property manager can rely on from Hruska Insurancenter…

• Many insurance companies always quoted – One-Stop Shopping
You’ll always show up with more quotes so owners know you’re working for them. HIC has more carriers than your current agent so you can deliver the lowest cost. Fewer brokers to deal with means less of your valuable time required.

• Early renewals – No last minute surprises
You won’t have to chase down owners for a decision by today or tomorrow. You will have time to make an informed decision.

• Easy-to-understand proposals with detailed coverage comparisons
You’ll look like an expert with various options always quoted without asking. We’ll do the spreadsheets for you.

• HIC’s expertise as property insurance specialists is “Yours for the Asking”
You’ll show owners claim reduction methods that save money, instead of costing more. Lender requirements and last minute closings are never a problem. Lease and certificate analysis is available.

• Tenant & condo owner satisfaction assured and we’ll do all the work
You can offer discounted programs for their insurance. When was the last time you lowered their CAM’s and saved them money? Our expert staff will answer their questions so you don’t have to.

• Lower premiums and higher appraised property values
We’ll help you increase net income and raise appraised property values. Net leases? Let’s lower a pass-through for once, and maybe get that last tenant. We know less expensive ways to get the job done, and we have more options.

Best of All, HIC makes it much easier and less painful for you to get a quote. We research most of the required information so you don’t have to. Just get started by calling one of our expertsat 800-827-5525, or even fax your policy declaration pages to 708-798-1475. We’ll do the rest.