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Deserve More

  • Early and aggressive renewals
  • More carriers, options & choices
  • Claims handled until resolved
  • Value-added services YOU can offer…
  • and we do all the work Insurance seminars Condo/Townhome insurance guides


About Hruska Insurancenter

Founded in 1956, Hruska has a long history of providing high levels of service to our customers, backed by long-term relationships with numerous financially strong insurance companies.

We specialize in a number of programs including insurance for: Property Owners, Retailers, Professionals, Contractors, Transportation, Hospitality, and Personal Insurance for Individuals.

Our various departments provide quotations, analysis, advice and protection.

Commercial Insurance

  • Property and Liability
  • Business Trucks and Autos
  • Workers Compensation
  • Umbrella Liability

Personal Insurance

  • Home, Condo or Renters
  • Rental Properties
  • Automobile
  • Second Homes

Financial Services–Individuals or Businesses

  • Health, Dental, or Vision
  • Term or Universal Life
  • Disability Loss of Income
  • Simple IRA Retirement Programs

Our highly educated, licensed professional staff is experienced in answering any questions you may have and in providing the responsive service you should expect. They are supported by high levels of automation that allows us to deliver quick, accurate, efficient service to you, and the others you depend on, like your lenders and professionals.

Hruska Insurancenter, Inc. “Protects the Lifestyle You’ve Earned”. We will do everything possible to rise to the level you deserve. Most importantly, we promise to treat your account and your business as if it were our own.

Unexpected Levels of Service

Our Service Commitments

Our programs provide not only competitive pricing, but come with the highest level of service available. A summary of our service procedures and commitments are as follows:

Prompt and Accurate Coverage Issuance

  • Accurate proof of insurance forwarded to you, your lenders and other interested
    parties immediately upon binding coverage.
  • Assistance in canceling existing coverage so it’s not an additional burden on you.
  • Prior communication with your professionals, attorneys or lenders for requirements and desired wording.

Immediate & Responsive Servicing of Your Account

  • Immediate handling of “Routine Customer Service Requests” with written confirmation.
  • Messages are returned promptly but must be returned by the following day.
  • Many ways for you to communicate or access service including: phone, fax, mail, e-mail, website and direct insurance carrier access.

Attentive Claim Service

  • Claims receive personal “Hand Held” attention until resolved.
  • Post claim questionnaires provide feedback so as to identify your needs and to constantly seek improvement.

Early and Aggressive Working of Your Renewals

  • Your coverages, pricing and carriers are reviewed each and every year.
  • Renewal pricing expectations are delivered weeks in advance.
  • “What more can we do for you” renewal surveys which keep us meeting your expectations.

HIC will make you look good
& make your life easier

Many insurance companies always quoted – One-Stop Shopping – You’ll always
show up with more quotes so owners know you’re working for them. HIC has more
carriers than your current agent so you can deliver the lowest cost. Fewer brokers to deal
with means less of your valuable time required.

Early renewals – No last minute surprises – You won’t have to chase down owners for
a decision by today or tomorrow. You will have time to make an informed decision.

Easy-to-understand proposals with detailed coverage comparisons – You’ll look
like an expert with various options always quoted without asking. We’ll do the
spreadsheets for you.

HIC’s expertise as property insurance specialists is “Yours for the Asking” –
You’ll show owners claim reduction methods that save money, instead of costing more.
Lender requirements and last minute closings are never a problem. Lease and certificate
analysis is available.

Tenant & condo owner satisfaction assured and we’ll do all the work – You can
offer discounted programs for their insurance. When was the last time you lowered their
CAM’s and saved them money? Our expert staff will answer their questions so you don’t
have to.

Lower premiums and higher appraised property values – We’ll help you increase net
income and raise appraised property values. Net leases? Let’s lower a pass-through
for once, and maybe get that last tenant. We know less expensive ways to get the job
done, and we have more options.

Best of All, HIC makes it “easier and less painful” to get a quote – We research most of
the required info so you don’t have to. Just get started by calling one of our experts
at 800-827-5525, reply at HruskaIns.com, or even fax your policy declaration pages to
708-798-1475. We’ll do the rest.


Available Markets (Partial List)

Ace A+ XV
Acuity A+ X
Admiral Indemnity A+ XII
Affiliated FM Global A+ XV
Andover (Merrimack/Cambridge Mutual) A+ XI
Aspen A XV
Chubb Companies A++ XV
Erie Insurance Group A+ XV
Granite State A XV
Great American A XIV
Greater New York Group (GNY) A+ IX
Hanover Insurance A XIV
Indian Harbor A XV
Lloyds of London A XV
Middlesex Mutual DBA Middleoak A+ XIV
Philadelphia A+ XV
West Bend Mutual A+ IX


Acuity A+ X
Andover (Merrimack/Cambridge Mutual) A+ XI
Erie Insurance Group A+ XV
Great American A XIV
Greater New York Group A+ IX
Hanover Insurance A- XIV
The Hartford A+ XV
Philadelphia A+ XII
Travelers/St. Paul A+ XV
West Bend Mutual A+ X
Zurich A XV