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Quick and Easy Certificates
Buying new, refinancing or a lender needs updated proof of insurance? What worksfor you?
n Visit HruskaIns.com and click “Certificates”
n Email Certs@HruskaIns.com
n Fax your lender request to 708-798-1475
Condo Owner Assist Line
Call toll free 1-800-827-5525 ext. 231
n What does the association policy cover?
n More importantly, what do you need and do you have it

on your policy now?

•    Got enough?  Got the right stuff?
•    Hint: You must insure more of the inside of your unit than you think!
n Need help with your own claim for inside your unit?  Let us help sort it out!


FREE Condominium Owner
Insurance Guides
7 out of 10 unit owner policies we review don’t have enough coverage to rebuild the inside of their units after a serious loss. After the claim happens is too late!
n Just visit HruskaIns.com to download, or
n Call and we’ll send one out right away
Board Members—Let Us Educate
You and Your Unit Owners
Your unit owners look to you to do the right thing including keeping them informed. What happens if you’re sued personally for a decision the board made?
n Short educational seminars for Boards and Unit Owners are
readily available
n Distribute our Condo Owner Insurance Guides so your owners understand how it works


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