How can I lower my premium without sacrificing protection?

Discounts & Effect

1.    Good insurance scores (±25% or more)
2.    Combining Home & Auto with same company (15-20% On Both!)
3.    Protections
    Sprinkler, fire or burglar alarm (10-20%)
4.    New Home (1-10%)
5.    Non-Smoker (1%)

Contra Factors

1.    Too many claims (your fault or not)
2.    Frame construction costs more than Brick, Brick costs more than Concrete

Other Little/Lesser Known Factors And Discounts

1. Occupations, Affiliations And Associations

    Accounting
    Alumni
    Probation
    Architects
    Attorneys
    Bankers
    Chiropractors

    Classic Car Members
    Condo Association
    Homebuilders
    Dental
    Education
    Engineering
    Law Enforcement

    Nurses
    Pharmacist
    Post Graduate Degree
    Professional Associations
    Retirees
    Veterinarians
    Firefighters

2.    Using the same insurance company or agent that also insures the association (up to 8%)
3.    Insured with State Farm, All State, Farmers, Country Companies, American Family, etc.

A good agent will look for every credit available to you but they can’t discount what they don’t know about you so mention them all.
Not all insurance carriers offer all discounts.
The more credits you load on top of each other, the less effect the last discount has on your premium.  “It’s a math thing” but still, the more discounts the better.